Woke up and hit the street

with every heartbeat in my feet

leading me to my doom

surefire destruction in my blood

hopeless caught up in the flood

and in my own escape from my tomb

stained baggy sweatshirt clad

in every nightmare I once had

before I found the key

find solace in those hooded eyes

the flavor of unspoken lies

on the knife’s edge of a kiss that sets me free

I leave messages on walls

of piss soaked bathrooms pool halls

all meant for a trickster’s eyes

a streaking spraypaint prayer

and a scalpel in my stare

to cut through your disguise

with the full moon at my throat

scarred by every word I wrote

I sink my teeth right in for more

Woke up and hit the street

with a taste for my own defeat

’cause every day above ground is war.


–k.b. 06292017