Follow Me Down

a little doe-eyed Yoko they called you

stoker of fires

fanner of flames

allegations slick on the tongues

that could never remember the name

dismemberer of fame

dealer of death

unsung song left to rot

in a sunken angel boy’s chest

toe test of the waters

she said “follow me down”

a siren’s serenade delivering the choice

to swim or to drown

overrode the sound of the rumor mills

grinding away

the pronouncements of armchair judges

with grudges and always something to say

axes to grind contrived secrets to find

on the lookout for tarnish

blind to the shine

Orpheus sought you in the clouds

and the oceans

in the smoke from the pipe

in his hairshirt devotions

in his words spoken to ether

his shadowsent prayers

never expecting an answer or that

someone was there

Ouija boards and bloodbrother swords

the candle flame flickers

teeth rotting out as the body got sicker

abcess encrusted unwashed

he wandered and sang

choosing the tree limb from which

he might hang

subterranean haven cool and black

a soulsearing torture for you to come back

a mist in the corner a whisper

just heard

a gust of the wind in the cadence of words

in the glow of the witchlight the king

cast off his crown

at the sound of a voice saying

“follow me down”.


–k.l.b. 08272017

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