A Thorn Born for a Side

Interstellar sinner come your hells and high waters

your family dinners your breadwinners

and scar-studded daughters

star-studded our blood is primordial

only when unlocked so instead

we cut our heads off with fossils



dweller in the house of nascence

of ancient gods of chance

of trances lived out in fancy mansions

where all we do is dance

rouser of rabble amidst all your towers of Babel

a fickle collector of the delapidated

shabbiest hearts

aspiring specter and persistent defector from

trickledown nations assembled from discarded parts

on a bedrock of bone laid by

the steadfast devoted the happily placated

the optimistic gold star stickered “I Voted”

haunter of the long-vacated rooms

the catacombs and the tombs

the ley lines the world has forgotten are there

guilty by my own design unfulfilled

ill-defined built from scrap metal drones

resigned only to scare.


–k.b. 06042017

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