Saviors’ Sighs & Cameraflash Eyes

if you want evidence of the gap

between the haves and have nots

the gots and don’t gots

open your eyes and come to my town

watch all the homeless trying to sleep

in the doorways of expensive boutiques

and the store owners whose anger

keeps them all down

if you want to examine the mystique

of this trend of poverty chic

take a tour bus through the tenements

of some of my friends

take a walk through the park–

though heaven forfend not after dark!–

and witness the outstretched hands

for any change you can lend

prescribe for them your bromides

your christ child

your bootstraps

your mandatory minimum

sentencing traps

stand face to face and say the things

you must say

for the squeamish

fear not of those haven’t-gots

save your precious bon mots

and do what the rest do:

just keep looking away.



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