I have been a dancer

learning my lessons

keeping time with my feet

I have been a priestess

at the altars of goddesses

mild and meek

I have been a lightseeker

a glutton for warmth

getting lost in the glow

I have been a mourner

holding onto more pain

than I had any right to know

but the day has come at last

to build new altars

behind the walls of my mind

the time has come at last

to find a new stage

on which to dance and keep time

the world is a broken-down palace

littered with refuse

humming with flies

they follow my wake

and land in the sockets

of what used to be goddess’s eyes

I learn from whispers of tricksters

dancing at midnight

with no way to see

I learn a nihilistic joy

in the lessons of chaos

and what it takes to be free

so now I am a dancer

fleet-footed on

graveyard seas of bone

I am a new breed of trickster god

ragamuffin roughshod

and my altar is mine and mine alone.

–k.b. 05042017

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